“96Boards.ai brings together the latest SoCs with AI acceleration capability from multiple world-leading silicon vendors to provide the most advanced development and prototyping platforms for intelligent products. This new open AI platform will empower algorithm developers, researchers, product designers and SoC vendors to focus on their own, unique value-added differentiation.”

Yang Zhang, 96Boards Director and Chief Scientist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences AIRIA.

96Boards is a Linaro initiative to build a single software and hardware community across cost-effective development boards based on ARM technology. The 96Boards.ai hardware platforms offer access to the latest Arm-based accelerated AI hardware and vendor supplied software for Android and Linux. Linaro is planning a collaborative AI software project to interface industry standard AI platforms and libraries to the multiple hardware IP solutions being offered by industry leading vendors. The goal is to accelerate innovation by removing the need for redundant and fragmented engineering effort on each proprietary solution. By working together on shared, open source software foundations, more resources can then be applied to optimizing use case development on each vendor’s value-added hardware IP.